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Postage stampses "USSR, 1989, art (Literature)" - Philately

How quickly to collect a valuable collection of postage stamps

Philately - hobby is not just popular, but truly international. In any corner of the planet you can find people who are fond of collecting postage stamps. Every year the number of devotees of this hobby is growing. In many respects, this is facilitated by the fact that today it became much easier to buy and sell stamps. Where? Of course, on free online auctions.   —»

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Postage stamps by country, on years, by theme.
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Art (Literature). USSR, 1989
Art (Literature). USSR, 1989. img4404 - Postage stamps, philately

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What postage stamps are most appreciated?

It is difficult to give a single-valued answer, because each person has personal considerations on this score. But only going to the fascinating world of philately, it is better to give preference to a well-known sphere. For example, postage stamps «Cars». Their total number on a global scale is estimated in the thousands, which provides an inexhaustible basis for collecting.

The cost of stamps from the category «Cars» is very diverse. The evaluation is conducted on a whole complex of factors:

  • year of issue;
  • total circulation;
  • presence of defects, typos;
  • state.

On the website of the online auction, you can make sure that the postage stamps are put up for sale in a very different state. But one thing for users of the site should not cause doubt: all the lots are original. In a situation where the market is full of scammers, this circumstance is of great importance.

In the question of evaluation, the role plays, whether it is slaked or not. This characteristic is purely subjective, but most philatelists prefer to buy new copies. An exception can be made for brands issued in a very limited edition.

How is the sale/purchase of stamps auctioned?

Real auctions take decent commission from the participants, and this auction site on the web is free of this shortcoming. On the site auctions.net.ua buy or sell their own copies of postage stamps philatelist has the opportunity to the most favorable terms. It's enough just to go to the online auction, choose the thematic section of the postage stamps «Cars» and explore all the offers. If you are interested in something, you can safely offer your price - to bet.

The sale of postage stamps is identical. The registered user places his lots with a description and a photo on the site of the free auction. After the announcement appears in the relevant thematic section, the auction starts. The result is the conclusion of the transaction: the more valuable the product, the faster the buyer will be found.

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(6 / 342 ,   3505 marks)
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Postage stamps by country, on years, by theme.
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